ADRIC is the Canadian national community of Alternative Dispute Resolution Professionals and Corporate collaborators promoting or using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) approaches (the result of the merger of AMIC and CFDR), thereby bringing together the provider and user perspectives of ADR.

Together with its affiliates and public and private organizations we work to:

  • promote ADR as an alternative to litigation on the national and international stage,
  • support affiliates in providing information, resources and training on the appropriate use of ADR locally, and advocate for / provide same at the national level
  • support our members to reach their greatest potential to benefit their individual and organizational clients

Through networking, professional development, accreditation, notices of opportunities and rosters, ADRIC members gain a credible and competitive advantage in positioning themselves successfully in the marketplace. ADRIC is the only national professional body dedicated to supporting members and organizations in an otherwise unregulated ADR industry.

Together, we are leaders in the sector; apart we are just local associations susceptible to diminishing our relevance to our members and the communities we serve. As a pan‐Canadian organization we provide:

  • National and International brand recognition
  • Renowned national conference
  • Prominent publications ‐ Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal, ADR Perspectives
  • National accrediting body for the IMI Certification
  • National Committees – providing Canada wide collaborative, non‐competitive perspectives ‐ working toward shared goals and rewards (i.e. designations marketing, under 40s and women, advocacy, roster development)
  • National Rosters ‐ cross‐country benefits and opportunities.
  • National Research and business intelligence
  • National Codes of Conduct and Ethics
  • Complaints Policy
  • Mediation and Arbitration Rules standardizing our industry practices. The Arbitration Rules are state‐of‐the art, with a standing committee to receive and review suggestions for change. CBA has included a link on its website. The Mediation Rules are currently being updated.
  • Shared revenues from Arbitration Administration
  • Professional Designations recognized as the only national certification and used as a standard by Government of Canada and increasingly in provincial governments.
  • Nationally funded, prepared, and maintained arbitration and mediation training courses help keep all affiliates and their members at the front of the educational and PD curves.
  • National and International presence
  • Strategic Alliances with FMC, ACC, ICCA, CCCA, CPR and many others.
  • Discounts on conference attendance
  • Providing connections with other national organizations and corporate counsel
  • ADR Connect
  • Providing access to relevant products and services for affiliates:
  • group / corporate CSAE membership; reducing costs for individual affiliates and
  • gaining access to reduce D&O and office insurance rates ‐ and more relevant and
  • cost‐efficient insurance for affiliates
  • iMIS CRM ‐ cost prohibitive for individual affiliates
  • Marketing materials and online presence
  • Affiliate networking opportunities, brainstorming sessions, communiqués, etc.
  • Affiliate staff support (training and knowledge; lessens potential trauma from any turnover)
  • Administrative support at no cost or very reasonable rates, and
  • Higher volume discounted rate negotiated with Moneris
  • Discounted Telephone Conferencing Services with Resolve Collaboration
  • And numerous negotiated benefits for members:
  • Professional Liability insurance for members ‐ highly discounted and superior coverage
  • Services and Products at discounted rates including: Payd, Square, Mediate 2 Go, Wiley Books, Resolve Collaboration, Home and Property insurance, and
  • coming soon: Health Plan for members