ADRIC’s PURPOSE: To uphold the highest standards of ADR practice across Canada.

Our goal is to advance the practice and profile of dispute resolution across Canada through education and certification, promotion of ethical standards and professional competency, and advocacy for dispute resolution in public, private, corporate, institutional and government settings.

ADRIC’s VISION: Recognized as Canada’s preeminent ADR professional organization, we set the benchmarks for best ADR practices in Canada, promote conflict resolution through arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR, and provide leadership, value and support to our members.

Over two thousand ADR practitioners across the country belong to the ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) through affiliates in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces. ADRIC is your professional body.

When a member of the public, or professional referring clients, chooses an ADR practitioner from among our membership, he or she is dealing with someone who is part of a established and recognized organization that has, for many years set the Gold Standard in ADR practice. ADRIC provides its members with:

  • A regulatory framework that includes standards for education and practice including a Code of Ethics and a Mediator’s Code of Conduct. This framework, (which includes a Discipline and Complaint Procedure) provides the public with an important measure of protection. Complaints can be made against any practitioner who is alleged to have breached the Code. As a member of the ADR Institute of Canada  you are a member of a self-regulating and highly respected professional body.
  • Recognized practice designations that include the Chartered Mediator (C.Med), Chartered Arbitrator (C.Arb), and Qualified Mediator designations. These designations assist the public to choose a practitioner who is practicing at a specific level and whose qualifications have been reviewed by a professional body for enhanced quality assurance.
  • Leadership to ADR practitioners
  • Networking and educational opportunities
  • A unified voice for ADR practitioners in speaking to government
  • Important advertising opportunities including listing on ADR CONNECT, a national database of members from which the public may select the ADR practitioner of his or her choice
  • The National Mediation Rules and the ADRIC Arbitration Rules that are widely accepted throughout Canada for the resolution of commercial disputes.

ADRIC’s VALUES: Excellence.  Trust.  Vision.  Leadership.  Accountability.

For Consumers of ADR services

Members of the public, lawyers and other professionals in need of ADR Services regularly consult ADR Connect or call our office for assistance in sourcing the ADR professional best suited to their needs according to practice area, skill level, location or any number of additional criteria. In selecting a practitioner who is a member of the ADR Institute of Canada you are selecting someone who is a member of an established and recognized professional association.

You are assured of the member’s commitment to upholding the ADR Institute of Canada’s Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics and have an avenue of redress should standards of practice fall below a certain standard. Individuals and professionals find further assurance in selecting a member who has the Qualified Mediator, Qualified Arbitrator, Chartered Mediator or Chartered Arbitrator designation. These designations indicate the practitioner’s degree of skill and experience as a professional in the field.