ADRIC often receives enquiries from individuals about dispute resolution courses: having your course “pre-approved” allows us to recommend your ADRIC Accredited Courses with confidence.

Benefits of ADRIC Accredited Courses:

For Course Providers:

Website Listing

ADRIC will list its Accredited Courses on its website together with the dates and locations where the Courses will be presented. (In any given month, ADRIC’s website has over 24,000 page views, about 63% of which come from organic searches (via search engine), 20% referrals and 17% direct..)

Advertising Aids

Successful ADRIC Accredited Courses receive the ADRIC Accredited Course Provider logo which may be used in their advertising (with respect to the ADRIC Accredited Course only) and on the relevant certificates of completion.

The Course Provider may advertise that the ADRIC Accredited Course meets some or all of the educational requirements for an ADRIC designation.


ADRIC receives numerous calls for course recommendations that will lead to an ADRIC designation – ADRIC recommends its Accredited Courses to callers and refers them to its website.

For Students:

Facilitated Access to Designations

Affiliates’ Regional Designation Assessment Committees are assured that a student successfully completing an ADRIC Accredited Course meets some or all of the educational requirements for an ADRIC designation. Affiliates can easily access the national list of Accredited Courses.

(Any student completing any course not pre-approved as an ADRIC Accredited Course cannot automatically use that course toward requirements for ADRIC’s Designations. The relevant regional designation assessment committee will be required to assess any course that is not an Accredited Course on a case by case basis and at such fees as they deem appropriate.)

For Employers:

The ADRIC Accredited Course Provider is assured that a student successfully completing the Course will be permitted to use that Course towards requirements for affiliate membership where required and for the relevant ADRIC Professional Designations.

To submit your course for approval by ADRIC, complete the ADRIC Course Accreditation Application (coming soon) and send to