Corporate members are an important part of ADRIC’s membership. In fact, ADRIC was formed from a merger of the Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution (CFDR) and the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of Canada (AMIC) in August 2000 – where CFDR was an organization with corporate alternative dispute resolution (ADR) end-user members and AMIC was an organization of ADR practitioners.

The long-term commitment to Gold Standard ADR of our supporters contributes to the importance of ADR in our legal system, the dispute-resolution alternatives that lawyers present to clients and the manner in which business operate and resolve disputes. Our corporate members provide us with important perspectives on the needs of individuals and organizations which may be met from a better understanding of the benefits of ADR.

Corporate membership is available to organizations which do not primarily provide ADR services to the public – and include business corporations, law firms, governments, educational institutions, industry associations, non-profit and other organizations.



ADRIC is the preeminent national ADR organization which:

  • Promotes cost-effective conflict resolution and alternatives to litigation;
  • Provides a regulatory framework for its members through a code of ethics, a code of conduct for mediators, complaints process, and a member discipline procedure;
  • Accredits eligible mediators and arbitrators with prestigious designations demonstrating high levels of achievement, experience, and skills;
  • Establishes rosters of ADR professionals to meet specific ADR-user needs;
  • Develops and updates model national mediation rules and arbitration rules which save parties significant time and cost in resolving their disputes through ADR, and provides parties with mediation and arbitration appointments and arbitration case administration services; and
  • Provides parties with access to the ADR CONNECT database of ADRIC-member mediators and arbitrators which sets out experience, specialties and relevant professional designations.

ADRIC works together with regional affiliate ADR institutes across Canada consisting of member ADR neutrals with experience in arbitration, mediation, systems design, training, and conflict resolution. An important ADRIC objective is to improve awareness of the positive attributes of ADR with key stakeholders – individuals, corporations, law firms, governments, educational institutions, and other for-profit and non-profit organizations – thereby simplifying and improving processes and access to justice.

Two Types of Membership

There are two types of corporate membership: (1) an introductory, annual, no-cost associate corporate membership; and (2) an annual-fee sustaining corporate membership with additional rights and benefits.

1. Associate Corporate Membership

An associate corporate membership provides:

2. Sustaining Corporate Membership

Sustaining corporate membership provides all of the benefits of an associate corporate membership plus:

Eligible organizations for Associate Corporate Memberships and Sustaining Corporate Memberships in the ADR Institute of Canada (or “ADRIC”) do not provide as their primary business, any of the following:

(a) alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) services, paid or unpaid,
(b) ADR case or roster administration services, and/or
(c) services in competition with ADRIC and its regional affiliates.

Eligible organizations will generally include Canadian law firms, accounting firms, businesses and companies that do not operate in the areas of (a), (b) or (c), educational institutions, government bodies, departments and regulators, industry and trade associations,  and other organizations determined solely by ADRIC’s Executive Director to be eligible for corporate membership within the strict criteria set out above.  Applicants for membership may be asked for the information reasonably required by the Executive Director to determine eligibility.

Current Corporate Member Organizations

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