International Membership with ADR Institute of Canada

The ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) offers “International” membership to ADR practitioners from around the world!¹

Membership with ADRIC provides educational, networking, marketing and accreditation benefits, which include:

  • Opportunities to market your services throughout Canada and the world via our online, searchable member roster “ADR Connect”;

  • The opportunity to apply for accreditation as a Chartered Mediator, Chartered Arbitrator, Qualified Mediator, or Qualified Arbitrator;

  • Practice standards, a regulatory framework, and credibility by association with Canada’s premier ADR organization;

  • Discounted member rate to attend the ADRIC Annual National Conference²;

  • Subscriptions to the prestigious Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal and ADR Perspectives newsletter;

  • Opportunities to have your articles published;

  • Special discounts on relevant goods and services with ADRIC’s Affinity Programs;

  • And more!

The annual fee for International Membership is $300 CDN³, payable January 1st each year.

To apply, please email us at, and we will provide an application form.

Please have the following at hand to complete the application:

– Your Education and Credentials, including completion dates of courses
– Your Employment History, including start date and end date for each position
– Your Conflict Resolution Training, including completion dates
– A brief Bio
– Your resume in PDF format


¹Individuals residing in Canada must apply for membership with one of ADRIC’s seven regional affiliates
²Please note: ADRIC does not provide letters of invitation to the conference
³Fees will be prorated for the first year f
or those applying mid-year or further