After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan and completing a 10 year career
in Corporate Finance, Scott transitioned into the Public sector with several assignments
inside the Canada Revenue Agency and Canada Border Services Agency.

In 1996, as part of a journey in self-discovery, Scott took a 5 year leave from Government where he
and his family served as volunteers with a US based international relief and
development agency. Working amidst the oppressed and conflicted peoples of southern
Appalachia & Central America, Scott provided direction to local initiatives focusing on
conflict transformation through several Victim-Offender Reconciliation Programs
(VORP) he administered. In 2002, Scott and his family returned to Canada, rejoining his
Federal employer as an Internal Labour Relations Mediator. Since that time, Scott has
continued his international work within multi-disciplinary teams engaging conflict
environments in Northern Ireland; Rwanda, Burundi & east Congo; and, most recently,
Cambodia & Laos.

As part of the Eastern Mennonite University and Seminary (Harrisonburg VA) Conflict
Transformation and Peace Studies program, Scott has been conducting mediations and
facilitations inside and out of government for nearly two decades.

Scott is a Government of Canada accredited mediator with the Department of Justice’s
ICMS network, a member in good standing of the ADR Institute of Saskatchewan, and
holds the designation of Chartered Mediator (C.Med.) with the ADR Institute of Canada.
Scott is a Director of the ADR Institute of Canada.

Scott lives in Regina with his wife Julie and their adult daughter. Another daughter and
son-in-law reside in Saskatoon.

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