Wendy is an experienced and energetic facilitator providing process design, facilitation, mediation and committee support services to private and public sector clients.  Her years in private practice, professional and executive roles within the public sector, combined with community service have given her a broad range of experience including:

Designing and facilitating meetings, discussions and group processes
Mediating workplace, community and co-parenting disputes
Facilitating union / employer problem solving and other joint initiatives
Facilitation and planning support for working groups & committees
Facilitating strategic, business and operational planning processes
Teaching / coaching effective communications & problem solving processes

Wendy is Past President of the ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA)

Wendy represents ADR Alberta on the ADRIC Board and has been so dedicated in leading the development of ADRIC and affiliates Federation MoU and ADRIC’s 2019-2021 Strategic Planning.

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