Wendy M. Scott is a Chartered Mediator and ADR Practitioner who provides a continuum of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services which assist organizations to choose appropriate intervention strategies. Wendy is specialized in workplace issues providing mediation, early neutral evaluation, workplace assessment, workplace harassment investigation and conflict coaching.

Wendy is experienced at creating an atmosphere of trust establishing priority issues quickly and resolving conflict in a time effective manner.  She has earned the designation of Chartered Mediator (C.Med) through ADR Institute of Canada, a well-recognized National Dispute Resolution organization.  ADRIC’s criteria for the C.Med sets high standards for training and education, and uses strict competency standards to assist the public in finding qualified mediators that can demonstrate the skill level, experience, knowledge and practice of high standards.

She has worked with a variety of professional organizations.  These would include national and municipal policing, federal correctional institutions, military (DND), health care, environment, Human Rights Commission, N.B. Courts, multiple departments within Provincial and Federal governments. Also included are industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing, natural resources, food processing, private sector businesses, traditional banking institutions, and employee associations/ public unions.

W. M. Scott & Associates has earned the Government of Canada standing offer(s) for mediation, and ADR Services over the past two decades, as well as being listed with the New Brunswick government (multiple departments and agencies) including OHR for delivery of Mediation, ADR Services and Workplace Harassment Investigations.

Since 1992, Wendy has successfully mediated numerous complex issues ranging in areas of business finance restructuring, insurance, family, and twenty years specializing in workplace disputes mediating employee and/or management interpersonal and operational issues.

Wendy has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Leadership from University of New Brunswick and Renaissance College.  She has received Mediation and ADR training from some of the most recognized ADR Specialists in North America, including one hundred twenty (120) hours of Introductory and Advanced Mediation, Interest-Based Negotiation, and Interest-Based Communication from Christopher Moore, CDR Associates, Colorado.



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