Qualified Mediator (Q.Med)

The Qualified Mediator designation is to recognize members who have completed sufficient mediation and related dispute resolution training to be qualified to practice as mediators.  It is an intermediate step for mediators working to receive their Chartered Mediator designation. The credential will assist the public to select a mediator who has been reviewed to determine if that mediator is qualified by training to conduct mediations.

The designation assists the mediator by providing a nationally recognized credential to show that the mediator has met nationally and regionally set standards for training and/or experience as a mediator.  It is noted that these standards are minimum national standards. Regional affiliates may set additional local standards if they so desire.  Please check with your regional affiliate for information on the particular requirements and application form provided for your region. Please note that the start date for Qualified Mediator designation programs may also vary from affiliate to affiliate.

National Qualified Mediator Requirements

Standard Supervised Practice Assessment Form

The Application for the Qualified Mediator Designation is available from your Regional Affiliate. If your Regional Affiliate does not have a customized application form and directs you to ADRIC, a generic form is available for use here: ADRIC_QMed_Application

Visit the regional affiliate web sites for Regional Qualified Mediator Requirements.

As part of the Gold Standard approach to ADR in Canada, the ADR Institute of Canada requires active Chartered Mediators, Chartered Arbitrators, Qualified Mediators and Qualified Arbitrators to provide proof of a minimum of $1 million insurance coverage for their protection and for the protection of those for whom they provide services. View ADRIC Insurance Program.