Associate Corporate Member Accredited Course Provider
Become an Associate Corporate Member
Law firms, corporations, governments, Educational Institutions and other organizations (with no or only inhouse ADR practitioners) Educational Institutions with ADRIC Accredited Courses
Fees Complimentary Accreditation Application
and Maintenance Fees


Business Development, Advertising and Recognition Demonstrate leadership and understanding of ADR benefits to clients, in-house counsel and employees Demonstrate excellence and value in ADR instruction and research with a focus on key faculties such as Law, Business, Social Work, and Human Resources
ADRIC will feature the organization’s logo on its website under the heading “ADRIC Associate Members” which will demonstrate a commitment to alternative dispute resolution as an alternative to litigation ADRIC will feature the organization’s logo on its website under the heading “ADRIC Associate Members”
under the heading “ADRIC Accredited Courses”
10% discount on advertising Complimentary one-quarter page advertisement in each issue; 25% discount on larger advertisements
Use of ADRIC’s modified logo
Conference Presence Ten percent discount on conference registrations
Products and Services Subscription to ADR Perspectives Newsletter and opportunities to contribute
Subscription to Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal and opportunities to contribute
Discounts on Commercial Mediation Handbook and Arbitration Handbook publications
Corporate primary representative has the responsibility to distribute ADRIC information to others in his/her organization and/or encourage colleagues to become “Stakeholders”  with participating ADRIC Regional Affiliates where the individual has an office location. This entitles the individual to notices of events with a focus on ADR users/customers. Some affiliates may offer further benefits.


(Sustaining Corporate Membership also available, click here)