ADRIC can assist organizations of all kinds to develop and administer ADR programs designed to resolve disputes between various parties. This may include disputes between private parties within an industry or disputes between organizations and their customers, clients, patients or employees.

Many organizations simply do not have the time, resources or know-how to recruit qualified ADR professionals, design workable systems or administer cases effectively and efficiently. These organizations, nevertheless, wish to reap the rewards of ADR. Having ADR available demonstrates a willingness on the part of an organization to assist the parties in resolving disputes and avoids the high costs of litigation and protracted conflict.

In addition, when ADR processes are administered by a neutral organization such as ADRIC the necessary distance between the ADR professionals and the party paying for ADR services is maintained. This distance ensures that there is neither bias nor the perception or apprehension of bias.

By outsourcing mediation and arbitration to ADRIC, organizations can receive all the benefits of an ADR regime, without having to acquire the expertise necessary for a successful program.


What we provide to organizations:

Individual Referrals:

ADRIC regularly refers lawyers and members of the public to ADR Connect, our online tool that allows the public to select professionals that meet their needs. ADRIC can also provide a short list of mediators or arbitrators for a fee.  See our Arbitrator Appointments page.

Administration under the National Rules:

ADRIC’s Arbitration Rules and National Mediation Rules are available in both official languages. ADRIC appoints arbitrators and administers cases pursuant to these Rules for a fee. Learn more.

Commercial contracts drafted by law firms of all sizes across the country commonly contain a clause indicating that any dispute that arises with respect to the contract will be administered by ADRIC, or one of its affiliates, pursuant to the ADRIC Arbitration Rules. Parties can also agree to submit to the rules in the absence of a contractual term.


What other services can I obtain from ADRIC?

Option 1: Advertising Roster Opportunities to ADRIC Members

An organization can provide ADRIC with an advertisement inviting applicants to apply directly to their organization to be placed on a roster. ADRIC will email this ad to its members and affiliates, and/or post the opportunity on its web site. ADRICdoes not charge for advertising this opportunity to its  over 2000 members.

Under this option it is up to the organization to develop criteria, articulate where and when sessions will take place, how facilitators, mediators or arbitrators will be paid and at what rate, determine who will cover travel and facility expenses etc., and to draft the ad. The organization must then screen and select roster candidates with appropriate qualifications, (credentials, training, insurance, practice experience, etc), develop protocols, train and communicate with roster members, administer the cases, deal with complaints about the mediation, facilitation or arbitration etc., without ADRIC’s involvement.

Option 2: ADRIC Recruits and Selects Roster Members

ADRIC will assist the organization:

  • In determining criteria and qualifications required
  • With conceptualizing the basics of the system (for the purposes of the ad only) so that roster candidates have sufficient information about the system to apply to the roster, eg., where will the work take place, what facilities will be used and where, will travel time and expenses be paid, etc.
  • In drafting the ad
  • By circulating the ad to ADRIC members, applications to be sent to ADRIC.

ADRIC then screens and selects the facilitators, mediators or arbitrators and provides names of roster members to the organization.

Option 3: System Development

In addition to the services under Option 2, ADRIC assists the organization:

  • To develop a system that the organization can then administer.

This would include everything from determining how, where and when sessions will take place, the process to be followed, how facilitators/mediators will be paid and at what rate, who will cover travel and facility expenses etc., training and orientation of facilitators, to setting up a complaints system.

Option 4: Case Administration and System Maintenance

  • Includes Option 2 and 3 services with the addition of case administration fees that include in-take/administration services, case referral services, case management and billing.

System Maintenance: Annual Fee

  • Requirements change over time, necessitating ongoing changes in the system, communication with roster members, training etc.

The fees of individual ADR professionals are in addition to fees charged by ADRIC for the services outlined above.


Which organizations have benefitted from ADRIC’s ADR Outsourcing services?

Amex Bank of Canada, KPMG,… We provide full details on our Roster Development: Current and Completed page.


If you are interested in further information on any of these options please contact:

Janet McKay
Executive Director

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