ADRIC provides numerous services to businesses and organizations, such as:


Advertising Work Opportunities to ADRIC's Members

ADRIC can send your advertisement inviting applicants to apply directly to your organization. We will email this ad to our over 2000 members across Canada or to specific regions as requested, and/or post the opportunity on the website. ADRIC does not charge for advertising these opportunities. To advertise, please send your job offers to ADRIC's Executive Director at

Roster Selection Services

ADRIC will assist the organization in determining the criteria and qualifications required and conceptualize the basics of the system (for the purposes of the ad) so that roster candidates have sufficient information to decide whether to apply, e.g., where will the work take place, what facilities will be used, will travel time and expenses be covered, etc. We can then draft the roster call and circulate it to ADRIC members.  On receipt of all expressions of interest, ADRIC's selection committee will screen the candidates with appropriate qualifications, (credentials, training, practice experience, etc.); select the facilitators, mediators, or arbitrators, and provide the list of roster members to the organization.

Arbitrator / Mediator Appointments

ADRIC can provide Select and Appoint service for parties who need assistance finding a mediator or arbitrator with skills and experience for a particular situation.

Many of ADRIC's clients have an ongoing agreement with ADRIC to appoint a mediator or arbitrator when a case arises. Service can be provided on a retainer and/or per case fee.

One of the major challenges facing parties in dispute is the selection of the Arbitrator or Mediator. With so much at stake, each party wants a practitioner who will be fair and knowledgeable about the subject matter of the conflict. ADRIC’s service addresses this challenge. It offers an efficient process for finding the right practitioner. ADRIC’s reputation as a professional organization provides credibility for practitioners if counsel are unfamiliar with them or located in another part of the country. This is important, because the smooth selection of a practitioner sets a positive tone for the case itself.

ADRIC can provide a shortlist of three or more qualified practitioners with access to their profiles/bios. The parties may then rank the practitioners (or exclude any candidate if there may be a conflict) and ADRIC will appoint the agree-upon practitioner.

ADRIC maintains an independent committee to appoint arbitrators when parties are unable to agree.

Custom ADR Systems and Rosters Development

ADRIC assists organizations to develop and administer practical and efficient dispute resolution programs. The disputes may be between private parties within a company or industry, or disputes between organizations and their customers, clients, patients, or employees.

ADRIC can help determine how, where, and when sessions will take place, the process to be followed, how facilitators/mediators/arbitrators will be paid and at what rate, who will cover travel and facility expenses etc., training and orientation of facilitators, to setting up a complaints system.

By outsourcing mediation and arbitration systems and services to ADRIC, organizations obtain all the benefits of an ideal ADR regime, without having to acquire the expertise necessary to design and implement a successful program.

Effective ADR programs demonstrate an organization’s willingness to resolve disputes without the high cost of litigation and protracted conflict and create the necessary distance between the ADR professionals and the party paying for ADR services, which ensures there is neither bias nor the perception of bias.

Roster Management Services

ADRIC can administer your roster including in-take/administration, case referral, case management, and billing. Statistics on usage and closures are provided as agreed. Regular review of the system may be included.

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ADRIC Arbitration Rules and Case Administration Services

ADRIC 's Arbitration Rules are available in both official languages: These completely revised Rules are state of the art and in plain language and may be customized to specific needs. Anyone may use the Rules at no cost, with or without administration by ADRIC. T

It is recommended that organizations of every sort include a Dispute Resolution clause in all their contracts as the best way to protect against litigation and settle in a fast, cost-effective manner. Add the following - there is no charge to use the clause or the ADRIC Rules and administration services are optional:

“All disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement, or in respect of any legal relationship associated with or derived from this agreement, will be finally resolved by arbitration under the Arbitration Rules of the ADR Institute of Canada, Inc. [or the Simplified Arbitration Rules of the ADR Institute of Canada, Inc.] The Seat of Arbitration will be [specify]. The language of the arbitration will be [specify].”

Numerous commercial contracts contain ADRIC's model arbitration clause calling for disputes under the contract to be administered pursuant to the Arbitration Rules. ADRIC can administer these cases for a reasonable fee. ADRIC's  Case Administration Service helps prevent unpleasant surprises and delays. ADRIC keeps a lid on costs by offering a predictable process which is preferable to an ad hoc approach because it reduces the risk for everyone involved. Using the service makes life easier for counsel and parties by providing a central point of contact. And it prevents arbitrators from having to collect fees and deposits, which might lead to the perception of a conflict of interest.

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National Mediation Rules and Case Administration Services

The  National Mediation Rules provide rules for initiating mediations including appointment of a mediator should the parties be unable to come to an agreement. Include the following in your contracts:

"All disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement, or in respect of any legal relationship associated with or derived from this agreement, shall be mediated pursuant to the National Mediation Rules of the ADR Institute of Canada, Inc. The place of mediation shall be [specify City and Province of Canada]. The language of the mediation shall be English or French [specify language]."


In-House Chartered Designations Program

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