I wish to sign-up as an ADR Stakeholder with the ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC), to receive email communications:

  • ADRIC’s ADR Perspectives e-publication on topics of interest from the perspective of people and organizations who use alternative dispute resolution.
  • Information about ADRIC annual conferences and other events of interest.
  • About upcoming ADR programs on topics such as mediation, facilitation, workplace issues, conflict prevention and resolution, and arbitration with a focus on the interests of people using these ADR processes.
  • From the ADRIC Affiliate in your area (if selected below)

Please note: ADR Stakeholder status does not confer individual membership status in ADRIC or any of its regional Affiliates.

Important Restrictions

ADR Stakeholder status is available only to individuals who:

Do not provide ADR professional services. (Lawyers providing services as legal counsel do not fall into the category of providing ADR professional services with respect to eligibility for ADR Stakeholder status.)


Work for an organization with Sustaining or Associate Corporate Membership with ADRIC.

I consent to receiving ADR Perspectives and other communications from ADRIC.

I consent to receiving information and notices of programs/events of interest from the following ADRIC regional affiliate (select the Affiliate in your regional area:

ADR Atlantic Institute (ADRAI)
L’Institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec (IMAQ)
ADR Institute of Ontario (ADRIO)
ADR Institute of Manitoba (ADRIM)
ADR Institute of Saskatchewan (ADRSK)
ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA)
ADR Institute of British Columbia (ADRBC)


Please feel free to contact us:
By email: admin@adric.ca
By mail: ADR Institute of Canada, Inc.
234 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 407
Toronto, Ontario M4P 1K5
T: 416-487-4733
TF: 1-877-475-4353
F: 416-901-4736