Individual membership

Individual membership is open to ADR professionals who wish to demonstrate their expertise and commitment to excellence in the field, who seek to expand their knowledge and engage in ongoing professional development, those who want opportunities to network and to be involved in a great organization.  Join over 2,000 ADR Professionals across the country!

To join ADRIC as an individual member you must first be a member of one of our regional affiliates. For application forms and further information contact the affiliate in your regionIf you are applying for membership and live outside of Canada you can apply for membership through any regional affiliate in Canada if their policy allows. For further information please call us.

For information about Corporate Membership, please click here

Benefits Of Membership

In addition to the many practical benefits of membership relating to education, networking, advertising and accreditation opportunities, members are part of an organization that will take them into the future. Some of the benefits of membership are outlined below:

  • A member in good standing can apply for accreditation as a Chartered Mediator, Chartered Arbitrator or Qualified Mediator or Qualified Arbitrator. These designations are recognized nationally and internationally and signify to the public, and to those referring clients, that an ADR practitioner has achieved a particular level of skill and experience. Individuals who hold these designations therefore enjoy a competitive advantage. Professionals who have earned these designations stand above the crowd.

The letters behind a professional’s name mean something. That’s why we work towards them and that’s why members of the public gravitate to them. A professional designation is your way of differentiating yourself and conveying your level of achievement to prospective users of your services.

Users of ADR services, or lawyers and other professionals referring clients, feel confident selecting ADR professionals with designations granted by ADRIC. In making their selections, users are choosing individuals whose performance has been reviewed and assessed by a committee of senior and respected practitioners who have verified that the professional is working at a particular level.

Highly experienced members can apply for the Chartered Mediator, (C.Med) or Chartered Arbitrator, (C. Arb) designations. These high level, senior designations are known and respected across Canada and internationally. This is the most senior designation offered by the ADR Institute of Canada.

Members with extensive training and some practice experience can apply for the “Qualified Mediator” designation, those with extensive training in the area of Arbitration can apply for the Qualified Arbitrator designation. These designations indicate that holders have been judged to be practicing at an intermediate level.

For more information on these designations click here.

  • Practice standards and a regulatory framework:

Users of ADR services are warned to steer clear of unaffiliated professionals so membership in the ADR Institute of Canada, the largest and most respected organization of ADR professionals in Canada, is a competitive advantage that sets you apart from ADR practitioners who are not associated with a strong organization.

In addition, ADR Institute of Canada members are held accountable to practice standards that include a Mediator’s Code of Conduct and a National Code of Ethics. Practitioners not associated with any organization are accountable to no one, making them a more risky choice for ADR users.

Complaints about members who breach the standards set out in these documents can be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors of the affiliate or national for investigation and potential discipline as per the procedure set out in Regulations issued under the By-laws of the ADR Institute of Canada, or by disciplinary processes set by the province. There is, therefore, an avenue of redress for users of ADR services who feel the service they have received breaches ADRIC’s practice standards.

In effect, the ADR Institute of Canada provides an infrastructure that allows ADR practitioners to be self-regulating professionals.

  • Add your name to Canada’s newest and largest association of ADR professionals:

Listing on our national database, ADR Connect, is now free with the cost of membership – and there is no better way of getting your name in front of thousands of potential users – nationally and internationally. You can list your areas of expertise, your designations, biographical details or add your resume and calendar to your listing. Users can search by name, geographic area, practice area and language. This web site provides our members with invaluable national and international advertising opportunities.

  • Preferred liability insurance coverage:

ADR Institute of Canada has negotiated a competitive professional liability insurance rate for our members with Encon Group Inc. through Marsh Canada. For rates, applications and further information click here.

  • Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal:

With a cross-Canada editorial Board of some of the foremost mediators and arbitrators in Canada, the Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal provides insights and information on issues of central concern to ADR professionals from all provinces. To view the Journal click here. To write for the Journal contact Janet McKay, Executive Director.

  • The annual national conference:

Each year, ADRIC brings together leading professionals from across the country to discuss the ADR issues of immediate and long-term relevance to members and friends of the ADR Institute of Canada. The conference is an invaluable networking and learning opportunity that is available to members at a reduced rate.

Comments from delegates of past conferences:

“I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to attend this conference. it was extremely well-organized, with a variety of topics which covered all the bases in the ADR fields. The presenters were impressive, many with stellar credentials.”

“Topics were current and interesting…”

“Great variety of sessions, great venue, very well organized.”

For this year’s event click here.

  • Leadership

The ADR Institute of Canada provides leadership in all matters relating to the practice of ADR in Canada and a unified voice for ADR practitioners.