ADRIC Committees

ADRIC’s volunteers are the driving force to our shared success; they help us in our Mission and assist in reaching our strategic goals that benefit all members and advocacy.


We are a vibrant Federation that delivers value to our members and the public by:

  • Staying on the leading edge of ADR and best practices in Canada and the world
  • Supporting the development of the ADR profession and professionals through information sharing, professional development initiatives, business supports and networking
  • Providing standards and professional designations to ensure ethics and competence in the provision of ADR services
  • Being a hub of information and resources to help people and organizations become aware of and learn about ADR and how it can help their families, business and organizations
  • Assisting people and organizations access the ADR professionals they need
  • Collaborating with other organizations to influence the field of ADR and its effective use in both Canada and internationally

See the various committees by clicking on the image below.

Interested in getting involved? Email and copy your Affiliate stating your interest and what you can bring to the role!


Federation Committees

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by ADRIC and all Affiliates has strengthened our collective relationships and activities.  Now, many of ADRIC’s committees have become what we call “Federation Committees or Forums”, each has an officially-appointed representative from each affiliate to be a conduit for information back to the affiliate and from the affiliate to the committee.

If you have an interest in a Federation Committee, contact your Affiliate.

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