The ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) is recognized as Canada’s preeminent self-regulatory professional Dispute Resolution organization.

ADRIC sets the standard for best practices for ADR (alternative dispute resolution) in Canada and provides leadership, value and support to our individual and corporate members and to our clients. We provide education and certification, promote ethical standards and professional competency, and advocate for all forms of ADR for public and private disputes.

Access to Dispute Resolution processes such as mediation and arbitration provides families, workplaces, businesses and communities with efficient and effective ways to resolve their disputes without recourse to the Courts and litigation. The demand for ADR is growing in the justice system, in our personal and professional relationships, and in every sector of our economy.


We are a vibrant Federation that delivers value to our members and the public.  We:

  • Stay on the leading edge of ADR and best practices in Canada and the world
  • Support the development of the ADR profession and professionals through information sharing, professional development initiatives, business supports and networking
  • Provide standards and professional designations to ensure ethics and competence in the provision of ADR services.
  • Act as or Remain a hub of information and resources to help people and organizations become aware of and learn about ADR and how it can help their families, business and organizations.
  • Assist people and organizations to access the ADR professionals they need.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to influence the field of ADR and its effective use in both Canada and Internationally


Accountability:  We honour our commitments.  We are disciplined in fulfilling our governance responsibilities.

Collaboration:  We leverage our strength as a national federation. We seek out and build partnerships that provide mutual benefit.

Excellence:  We are passionate about dispute resolution.  We strive for excellence through professionalism.  We constantly evolve and challenge our best practices to add value to those who use our services.

Integrity: We are ethical, honest and transparent in everything we do.  We value our diversity and demonstrate respect for everyone.

Leadership:  We seek out innovative ideas and approaches to lead ADR in Canada to build a stronger organization and ADR community.



More than twenty-four hundred ADR practitioners across the country belong to ADRIC through Regional Affiliates in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces.

ADRIC and its seven regional Affiliates collaborate to build greater awareness of ADR, provide more accessible resolution options and ensure the availability of certified ADR professionals via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).