Join us for our 45th AGM and National Conference on November 20-22, 2019 in beautiful Victoria, BC at the luxurious Fairmont Empress!

Our theme this year is Realizing ADR’s Full Value to bring attention to the importance of ADR to help organisations and government understand its potential, highlight its successes and make full use of its benefits as well as to provide ADR professionals an opportunity to grow and practice at their highest levels.

ADRIC is bringing together Canadians, organizations and goverment from across the country to provide attendees with inspiring, innovative and interactive plenary and poster presentations, keynotes, hands-on workshops, comprehensive panel discussions and great networking opportunities.



ADRIC has spent the past year developing a new strategic plan.  With that plan came a refreshed mission statement which also serves to reflect our goal for ADRIC 2019 conference attendees:

  • Staying on the leading edge of ADR and best practices in Canada and the world
  • Supporting the development of the ADR profession and professionals through information sharing, professional development initiatives, business supports and networking
  • Being a Hub of information and resources to help people and organizations become aware of and learn about ADR and how it can help their families, business and organizations
  • Assisting people and organizations to access the ADR professionals they need
  • Collaborating with other organizations to influence the field of ADR and its effective use in both Canada and Internationally


Our Keynote Luncheon Speakers for this year:

Hon. David Eby, Q.C.

Attorney General for British Columbia

Thursday November 21st

Hon. Sheilah Martin

Supreme Court of Canada

Friday November 22nd


Who should attend?

The Conference will provide sessions to inspire and advance the work of:

  • Mediators
  • Arbitrators
  • Med-Arb Practitioners
  • Negotiators
  • Workplace Investigators
  • Labour Relations Managers
  • Conflict Coaches
  • Facilitators
  • Collaborative Lawyers
  • Parenting Coordinators
  • Ombudspersons
  • ADR Trainers
  • Restorative Justice Practitioners
  • In-House Counsel
  • Government Agencies
  • Organizations that use ADR services

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your knowledge, skills and network:

  • Earn CPD accreditations from all Canadian law societies
  • Earn ADRIC CEE points
  • Special tours and events to include spouses and families


We welcome your ideas on topics you would most want to attend.

Do you have a topic you wish to present at our Conference? Submit it to us by completing a Speaker Proposal.


(may change slightly)

November 20, 2019

Pre-Conference Workshop(s)

Pre-Conference A: Aboriginal Consultation - a Workshop for Industry, Government, and Indigenous People

  • Do you want a better understanding about how to do business with Aboriginal Organizations?
  • Do you want a clear and concise explanation of the Duty to Consult and to better understand the policies and guidelines that govern Aboriginal Consultation?
  • Are you an Aboriginal group who wants to better engage with Industry?

If you want to better consult with Aboriginal People/Industry or you are in a position that requires that you engage Aboriginal People/Industry (Stakeholder Relations, Consultation Department, Community Relations, Chief and Council, Surface Land, Aboriginal Relations) and have asked these questions, then this workshop is for you.

Using a combination of information transference and interactive dialogue, participants will be guided through the many complicated aspects of the fundamentals of why the Duty to Consult exists and how the three major players – Industry, Government, and Aboriginal people – can create relationships to enhance the chances of success.  It also provides valuable information on Impact and Benefit Agreements.

Learn how to have meaningful consultation and engagement with Aboriginal Groups.

Clayton Desjarlais, a First Nation Consultant who has been in business over 20 years and has worked specifically in the area of Aboriginal Consultation since 2010. He has been the owner of Mâwandônan Consulting since 1996.  Mâwandônan Consulting offers a wide range of workshops and services; learn more at

Pre-Conference B1: Med-Arb: Innovative, Effective and Fair

Med-arb is becoming an increasingly popular way to resolve disputes. It can be designed to efficiently, effectively and fairly resolve disputes most typically encountered in everyday personal and commercial matters including disputes involving both lower and higher monetary amounts and disputes where relationships are of lesser or greater importance. It can be used in family, commercial, partnership, landlord and tenant, condominium, and many other disputes.

If designed and conducted appropriately, med-arb can be highly client-centric, fair, effective and satisfying. On the other hand, if it is inappropriately designed or conducted, it can lead to confusion, frustration and on-going dissatisfaction.

This workshop, delivered by two highly experienced dispute resolution professionals, is an in-depth look at the knowledge and competencies required to run a fair, effective and efficient med-arbitration process.

Colm Brannigan, C.Arb, C.Med has over 20 years of full-time experience in conflict management and alternative dispute resolution and is recognized as one of Ontario’s leading mediators and arbitrators in condominium related disputes. He also focuses on the resolution of construction (including green energy), commercial, insurance and real property disputes using mediation, med-arbitration and arbitration processes. He is an associate at the Canadian Centre for Conflict Management (CCCM).
Richard Moore, LL.B., C.Arb, C.Med, CFM, Cert. Med. IMI has over 30 years’ experience in conflict management. Mediating since 1990 after retiring from law practice, he has conducted over twenty-five hundred mediations including mediations in complex multi-party situations, and in various contexts including: employment and workplace, policing, hospitals and health care, human rights, indigenous people’s issues, public policy, estates, real estate, professional responsibility, personal injury, insurance, construction, family and property disputes. He is an associate at the Canadian Centre for Conflict Management (CCCM).

Pre-Conference B2: Will be announced shortly

Confirmed Conference Sessions:

Mediating High Conflict Disputes: Using a Proposal Focused Process

“High-conflict” disputes usually involve individuals who lack self-management skills, who are temporarily overwhelmed or have a high-conflict personality pattern. Mediators can be effective by using a structured process, while maintaining a relationship with the parties, and assisting them to take responsibility for the outcome.

William A. (“Bill”) Eddy is a lawyer, therapist and mediator. He is the co-founder and Training Director of the High Conflict Institute based in San Diego, California. Bill provides training on the subject of high-conflict personalities to lawyers, mediators, judges, mental health professionals and others. He has presented in over 30 states and ten countries. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with 12 years’ experience counseling children, adults, couples and families in psychiatric hospitals and outpatient clinics. For the past 26 years, he has also been a lawyer, representing clients in family court (as a Certified Family Law Specialist) and providing divorce mediation services.
Michael Lomax is a mediator and conflict resolution trainer who has assisted many individuals and organizations in dealing with high conflict personalities. Michael practised family law for 22 years and has conducted hundreds of mediations including workplace, family and court related matters. He has designed and delivered many high conflict trainings for lawyers, mediators, government, corporations, military and law enforcement agencies, human resources and union organizations across Canada and the United States. Michael joined the BC Public Service Agency in 2015 as the Conflict Management Lead where he is leading the design and delivery of conflict management services, including coaching, mediation and training to resolve workplace disputes. Michael also served on the Board of Directors for Mediate BC from 2013-2015 and is currently a non-practising member of the Law Society of BC. Michael has been an Associate Speaker/Trainer with the High Conflict Institute for 7 years.

Building Conflict Capacity Through Insight

This interactive session provides practical concepts and tools for participants to reorient our practice from “conflict resolution” to “building conflict capacity”. Applying a cognitive model of decision-making that includes knowing, valuing and deciding, the session offers strategies for analyzing ethical dilemmas, managing difficult people, interacting respectfully and balancing work/life priorities.

Dr. Marnie Jull is an associate professor and program head for the Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management program. She is an academic, practitioner, author and teacher who specializes in resolving interpersonal, workplace and organizational conflict. She has lived and worked in Thailand, Australia, and the United States. Jull is one of a group of scholar-practitioners developing an innovative insight approach to conflict mediation.

Understanding how Film Contributes to the Pedagogy of Dispute Resolution

The purpose of this workshop is to address how film contributes to the pedagogy of dispute resolution. Considering the growing appetite for social media and technology, most students fall into a visual/spatial and divergent learner category. With film in the classroom as a springboard for the pedagogy of dispute resolution concepts, historic influences, the power of love, the impact of culture, and the multi-layered impact of politics provide an opportunity to understand dispute resolution concepts in a unique way.

Helen Lightstone, C.Med, received her Master of Laws in Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in June 2017. She is a roster mediator with the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program in Ottawa, Toronto and Windsor, and received her paralegal licence in 2008. Helen Lightstone is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario and Canada, the Law Society of Ontario, and the Whitby Chamber of Commerce.  She is a past board member of Community Justice Alternatives -Durham Region. She is a graduate of Seneca College, Court and Tribunal Agent Diploma Program. Helen was the program coordinator of the Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution Post Graduate Diploma Program at Durham College from 2014-2017.

Addressing the Causes Rather Than the Symptoms: Working with Leaders to Create Conflict Competent Cultures

This presentation engages experienced mediators in a conversation about the practice of expanding their role in order to transform the systems and structures that give rise to destructive conflict in organizations. Such a role, which offers services in addition to mediation, can be called ‘Conflict Consulting’.

Gordon C. White works with leaders to develop conflict competent teams and organizations. Additionally, Gordon has had a general mediation practice for 20 plus years. He teaches a graduate course in conflict management at Royal Roads University, and trains for the Justice Institute at both the Centre for Leadership and Centre for Conflict Resolution. He blogged for several years at the where he provides both depth perspectives and practical advice on effective conflict engagement. In 2018 Gordon and his colleague Julia Menard launched the On Conflict Podcast which addresses the larger challenges to mankind in the area of conflict and dispute resolution.
For the last 20 years, Julia Menard, M.Ed., has explored the nexus between conflict and leadership in organizational settings through coaching, mediating and training. She got her start in the field as a volunteer community mediator and through that experience started to see where conflict engagement works and where it doesn’t. Since then, she co-led a victim-offender mediation program for a few years, published a book on restorative justice, created materials on conflict for government departments and trained mediators.

Dispute Prevention and Resolution for Family Business

Conflict is a natural part of running a business. When business colleagues and employees are also family members, the conflict can be particularly complex because there are three spheres of interests at play: family issues, business issues and ownership issues. Many, if not most, family firms lack formal processes and strategies to resolve disputes. This session outlines the most common forms of family business conflict and the methodologies and best practices to assist business families to resolve it.

Nicole Garton B.A., LL.B., C.Med, TEP, has many years of legal, fiduciary, trust and governance experience. As the principal of Heritage Law, Nicole is a lawyer and mediator practising in the areas of wills and estates and family law. As President of Heritage Trust, Nicole offers fiduciary, escrow and multi-family office services to assist individuals, families and business owners navigate the complexities and opportunities that come with wealth.
Nicole is the Immediate Past-Chair of the Canadian Bar Association Wills and Trusts Subsection (Vancouver). Nicole is a member the Society of Estate and Trust Practitioners (STEP), the Estate Planning Council of BC, the BC Collaborative Roster Society, the Civil and Family Rosters of Mediate BC and the BC Parenting Coordinator Roster Society. Nicole is a Chartered Mediator and certified by Family Mediation Canada as a Comprehensive Family Mediator. Nicole is a certified Family Enterprise Advisor.
Nicole received a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of British Columbia and was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 2001. She is finalizing her Masters of Laws at Osgoode Hall with a focus on dispute resolution for family businesses.

Other topics confirmed:

  • Med-Arbitration Best Practices
  • Parenting Coordination
  • Intercultural Competency and Conflict Resolution
  • The Role (if any) of Prehearing Questioning in Arbitration


The schedule will be updated as details become available

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Fairmont Empress

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