ADRIC designations allow our members to convey their level of experience and skill to prospective users of their services based on an objective third party assessment.

Users of ADR services or lawyers and other professionals referring clients feel confident knowing that when they choose an ADR professional with a designation granted by ADRIC they are choosing an individual whose performance has been reviewed and assessed by a committee of senior and respected practitioners who have verified that the professional is working at a particular level.

Highly experienced members can apply for the Chartered Mediator (C.Med) and the Chartered Arbitrator (C.Arb) designations. These designations are known and respected across Canada and internationally. These are the most senior designations offered by the ADR Institute of Canada.

Members with appropriate training and some practice experience can apply for the Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) and the Qualified Arbitrator (Q.Arb) designations, which indicate they have been judged to be practicing at an intermediate level.

Please note: You must be a “Full” Member of one of ADRIC’s Regional Affiliates before applying for an ADRIC designation.  Please contact your Regional Affiliate to enquire about designation application forms, fees, approved courses in your province, etc, as they administer and regulate the designations in their region, and criteria may vary. After being reviewed and approved at the regional level, those who meet the requirements are forwarded with a recommendation to ADRIC which confers the designations.

There are various fees to apply for and maintain a designation:

  • a one-time designation application fee to your affiliate;
  • designation maintenance dues to ADRIC to be paid annually on January 1st; and
  • Continuing Education and Engagement Report processing fees every three years.

ADRIC Designations Comparison Chart:To learn more about each designation and for relevant forms, click on the links below:


The Assessment Process

The first stage of the objective third party assessment of an applicant for the Chartered Mediator or Chartered Arbitrator designation is completed by the Regional Chartered Mediator Assessment Committee (RCMAC) or the Regional Chartered Arbitrator Accreditation Committee (RCAAC). This committee is comprised of members selected by the affiliate for their recognized experience and standing in the ADR Community. The Regional Committee meets with and interviews the applicant. Applicants for the Chartered Mediator designation may be asked to do a mock mediation.

Once the applicant has been reviewed by the regional committee, if he or she is successful, the application will be forwarded to the National Chartered Arbitrator or National Chartered Mediator Accreditation Committee. This committee is comprised of individuals appointed by their regional Boards to review the application. This ensures standardization across the country. If the vote at the National level is unanimous, the Board of Directors of the ADR Institute of Canada is advised that the candidate has been successful and the designation is conferred. If the vote at the regional level is not unanimous, or if an application involves a matter of policy or interpretation the application is then considered by the National Board of Directors.

For Accreditation Appeals Policy, please contact ADRIC at 416-487-4733, 1-877-475-4353 or admin [at]

As part of the Gold Standard approach to ADR in Canada, the ADR Institute of Canada requires active Chartered Mediators, Chartered Arbitrators, Qualified Mediators and Qualified Arbitrators to provide proof of a minimum of $1 million insurance coverage for their protection and for the protection of those for whom they provide services. View ADRIC Insurance Program.


Designation Holders’ Annual Renewal Fees (2018-2019 rates – subject to change)

C.Arb Annual Renewal 198.00
C.Med Annual Renewal 198.00
C.Med and C.Arb Annual Renewal 260.00
Q.Arb Annual Renewal 99.00
Q.Med Annual Renewal 99.00
C.Arb and Q.Med Annual Renewal 225.00
C.Med and Q.Arb Annual Renewal 225.00
Q.Arb and Q.Med Annual Renewal 150.00


Lapsed Designations (Unpaid/or those for which CEE Reports have not been maintained):

Policy for Reinstatement of Chartered / Qualified Status


If the lapse period is three years or less, the applicant will be reinstated to the Chartered / Qualified status upon meeting the criteria.

The applicant must:

  • Provide written reasons to the regional accreditation committee which, in the opinion of the committee, fall into one of the following two categories:

(i)      Non-practicing (leave of absence, sabbatical), or

(ii)     Hardship (serious illness of self or close family member, business downturn or other financial issues);

  • Remit the Designation Renewal Fee for the current and previous year;
  • Remit to the regional affiliate, all outstanding annual fees to ADRIC;
  • Surrender to ADRIC the previously issued Designation certificate along with payment of a re-issue fee ($35 + applicable taxes) for a new certificate; and
  • Provide a written declaration that he or she has not displayed the Designation certificate nor represented himself or herself as a Chartered / Qualified professional during the lapse period.
    • An applicant whose Chartered/Qualified status has lapsed for more than three years will be required to apply as a new applicant, and
    • Provide a written declaration that he or she has not represented himself or herself as a Chartered / Qualified professional during the lapse period.

Approved by Directors July 19, 2005  (Replaces Policy Approved June 12-13, 1999)


Policy for Retiring Chartered / Qualified Members

Note: ADRIC and the Affiliates offer retired members the opportunity to hold their Chartered designation(s) at no annual fee provided that they are fully retired from the workplace and maintain a retired membership category with the provincial or regional affiliate.  In such cases, the designation would be modified as follows:  C.Med(Ret);  C.Arb(Ret).  This is ADRIC’s way of honouring our long-term designated members.  You must maintain Retired (or ADRIA LINK) membership with your regional Affiliate, your Affiliate must advise ADRIC of your change in status via email, ccing you and you must sign an agreement to reinstate your full membership and designation if you engage in any paid dispute resolution services. 

NEW for Qualified designation holders: Those retired members holding a Q.Med and/or Q.Arb may now retain their designation by continuing to pay the nominal annual fee ($99) along with their retired membership fee, however CEE reporting is not required.

These retired designation categories are not available to members on a temporary basis – those who are not currently practicing or are inactive in ADR for other reasons may apply to have their designation “paused” until the end of the calendar year.