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Commanding Presence Online for ADRIC Members  This program is designed for professionals who want to increase their effectiveness and personal performance when speaking in all situations, including one-on-one, meetings, and large audience presentations. ADRIC Members get 25% off the regular price of $330 – sse code: “ADRIC”. ADRIC members also receive: Extended free trial that includes more videos and content, and Bonus unit: Your Natural Voice. A popular unit from the Two-Day Workshop where we practice voice exercises and how to improve your voice quality.

Upcoming Events


Events in June 2020

  • 2020 Construction Dispute Symposium - Collaborative & Adversarial Approaches - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
  • ADRIO – 35th AGM and Conference: Enriching Your ADR Toolkit
  • ADRIC FREE Cross-Country Connectivity Webinar - You Can’t Un-ring the Bell: Lessons Learned
  • ADRIC FREE Webinar - Mental Health in the Age of Dramatic Change and Uncertainty


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