ADRIC Group Zoom for Enterprise Plan – for Members Only

ADRIC members can save a great deal on the regular cost of the Zoom for Enterprise Plan by subscribing via ADRIC ‘s Group Plan.  Price: $275/year.  The Zoom plan subscription year is January 8, 2020 to January 7, 2021, so the fee will be prorated according to when you subscribe.

TO SUBSCRIBE: please email us at and we will set up your portal with a billing at the prorated fees.  Once paid, your account will be activated.

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Notice to Members update April 9, 2020:

Because of the negative media coverage about Zoom, we are trying to keep members informed on updates and improvement being made to the platform.  While ADRIC cannot “recommend” using Zoom or any particular platform (the choice to use Zoom and the  responsibility to use it safely lies with the user), we recognize that it is the most popular for ODR because of its ease of use, relatively low cost and its breakout room functionality. That is why ADRIC negotiated a Group Plan as a member benefit with an even further reduced cost.

Zoom provided notice of some encouraging updates:  see their blog.

Here is another article that may be of interest around some of the security issues.


Notice to Members updated April 6, 2020:

You may be aware of concerns the media have expressed about Zoom over the last week or so, most recently in the U of T’s Citizen’s Lab study and article released April 4:

Zoom’s official response:

ADRIC has been in touch with Zoom and has received some responses including a note from the CEO, their privacy policy and a white paper. We have been posting these:

The ADRIC Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Task Force as well as a group of ADR practitioners from ADRIO and the OBA are looking into the risk issues of using Zoom for our members. Stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, the article by Rick Weiler (former Chair of the OD RTF) may offer some comfort and tips for best practices:


Not only is Zoom the ideal platform for videoconferencing meetings, more and more, members are using it for their dispute resolution practices. All fellow members on the Zoom Group Plan will show up in the Zoom Contacts.

Plan benefits include:


More information about Zoom:

A note from Zoom’s Chief Legal Officer:

March 29, 2020

Dear Zoomer,

Privacy is an extremely important topic, and we want you to know that at Zoom, we take it very seriously. Here are the facts about user privacy as it relates to Zoom and your use of our services:

  • We do not sell your personal data. Whether you are a business or a school or an individual user, we do not sell your data.
  • Your meetings are yours. We do not monitor them or even store them after your meeting is done unless we are requested to record and store them by the meeting host. We alert participants via both audio and video when they join meetings if the host is recording a meeting, and participants have the option to leave the meeting.
  • When the meeting is recorded, it is, at the host’s choice, stored either locally on the host’s machine or in our Zoom cloud. We have robust and validated access controls to prevent unauthorized access to meeting recordings saved to the Zoom cloud.
  • Zoom collects only the user data that is required to provide you Zoom services. This includes technical and operational support and service improvement. For example, we collect information such as a user’s IP address and OS and device details to deliver the best possible Zoom experience to you regardless of how and from where you join.
  • We do not use data we obtain from your use of our services, including your meetings, for any advertising. We do use data we obtain from you when you visit our marketing websites, such as and You have control over your own cookie settings when visiting our marketing websites.
  • We are particularly focused on protecting the privacy of K-12 users. Both Zoom’s Privacy Policy (attached) and Zoom’s K-12 Schools & Districts Privacy Policy are designed to reflect our compliance with the requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other applicable laws.

We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal data. If you have questions, please contact the privacy team at or the support team at

Thank you, and safe Zooming!

Aparna Bawa
Chief Legal Officer, Zoom


For any other questions about the use of Zoom, you may contact:

Kate Morehead
Online Account Executive
Zoom Video Communications
Tel: (343)300-5497

Please note:

Due to current and extenuating circumstances, Zoom’s responses have been slightly delayed. They are doing their best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Some helpful resources:

Thank you for your patience. Zoom understands that your business and organizations are relying on Zoom and they are doing everything they can to assist as quickly as possible.