Lionel J. McGowan Awards of Excellence in Dispute Resolution
The McGowan Awards are named in recognition and honour of Lionel J. McGowan, the first Executive Director of the Arbitrators’ Institute of Canada. Presentations takes place annually at ADRIC’sannual national conference.

There are two awards:

  • Regional Award of Excellence
    This award is for an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the development and success of the Regional Affiliate of the ADR Institute of Canada, either by a short-term exceptional effort or through constant contributions over a long period of time, or has contributed significantly to the promotion and development of ADR within the region. (Note that simply being a member for many years, being on a board or committee for many years, or carrying out one’s own ADR practice do not apply toward the award.)
  • National Award of Excellence
    This award is similar to the Regional award, but given for contributions to the ADR Institute of Canada. A candidate’s contributions to the support, development and/or progress of the ADR Institute of Canada and its policies and programs, and / or promotion of ADR on a national scale, would be relevant. (Professional ADR teaching, hearing ADR cases and other ADR practice activities do not qualify. Similarly, simply being on the Board of the ADR Institute of Canada does not qualify unless it included major contributions to the Institute through development of the Institute’s structure, National-Regional relationships, national programs or materials, funding, or other significant Institute initiatives.)

Nominations are welcome until August 2, 2019 for the November 2019 conference (on days 20, 21 and 22) and may be sent in the form of a letter explaining why you feel your nominee should be recognized, to:

McGowan Nominations Committee
ADR Institute of Canada, Inc.
Suite 407-234 Eglinton Avenue East,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4P 1K5
Fax: 416-901-4736


Recipients of the Lionel J. McGowan Awards of Excellence


2019   Wendy Hassen, C.Med (AB)

2018   Scott Siemens, C.Med (SK)

2017    Angus Gunn, QC (BC)

2016    Jim McCartney, C.Arb, C.Med (AB)

2015    Anne Wallace, C.Med, C.Arb (SK)

2014    James (Jim) Musgrave, Q.C., C.Med (Atlantic)

2013    Jeffrey Smith (ON)

2012    Brian J. Casey (ON)

2011    n/a

2010    William G. Horton, C.Arb (ON)

2009    Donald E. Short, C.Arb (ON)

2008    Harold J. Wilkinson, C.Arb (ON)

2007    Bill Remmer (AB)

2006    Gerald Ghikas, C.Arb (BC)

2005    Gervin L. Greasley (MB)

2004    Noel Rea (AB)

2003    P. David McCutcheon, C.Arb (ON)

2002    Barry Effler, C.Arb (MB)

2001    William J. Hartnett (AB)

2000    n/a

1999    Roman Evancic (BC)


2019     Charmaine Panko, C.Med, Q.Arb (ADRSK)

2018     Justice Andrea Moen (ADRIA)

2017    Heather Swartz, C.Med (ADRIO)

2016    Andy Butt, C.Med, Q.Arb (ADRAI)

2015     Dr. Jennifer Schulz (ADRIM)

2014    Claude Métras, Méd.A/Arb.A (IMAQ)

2013    Dr. Barbara Benoliel (ADRIO)

2012    Pamela Large-Moran, C.Med, C.Arb (ADRAI)

2011    Camilla Witt (ADRIA)

2011    Dr. Barbara Landau, C.Med, Cert.F.Med (ADRIO)

2010    Richard H. McLaren, C.Arb (ADRIO)

2009    Tom W. Smith, C.Med (ADRIA)

2008    Sheila Begg, C.Med/C.Arb (BCAMI)

2008    Bill Diepeveen (ADRIA)

2007    Mary T. Satterfield, C.Med/C.Arb (ADRIO)

2006    Kenneth A. Gamble, C.Med/C.Arb (ADRSK)

2005    Gary T. Furlong, C.Med (ADRIO)

2004    Gary Fitzpatrick, C.Arb (BCAMI)

2003    Randy A. Pepper (ADRIO)

2002    Bernie McMullan, C.Arb (ADRIM)

2001    Annette Strug, C.Med (ADRAI)

2000    Kent Woodruff, C.Med/C.Arb (BCAMI)

1999    Harry Hunter (BCAMI)