The ADRIC Board is comprised of seven Affiliate Representatives elected by their membership to represent ADR Practitioners and Supporters from their geographic area.  We also have seven representatives elected by ADRIC’s Corporate Member organizations, representing ADR Users and Supporters. These fourteen directors then exercise the option of appointing up to four directors-at-large to complement their skills and diversity.

Past Presidents

2019-present    Andrew Butt, C.Med, C.Arb

2017-2018          Thierry Bériault, C.Med

2014-2017          M. Scott Siemens, C.Med

2012-2014          James (Jim) Musgrave, QC, C.Med, Q.Arb

2009-2012          R.J. (Randy) Bundus

2007-2009         Donald E. Short, C.Arb

2004-2007         P. David McCutcheon, C.Arb

2002-2004         Barry C. Effler, C.Arb

2001-2002          Kent Woodruff, C.Med, C.Arb

2000-2001          Allan Stitt, C.Med, C.Arb

1999-2000          Heather A. de Berdt Romilly

1997-1999            Gervin L. Greasley

1995-1997            Roman Evancic

1994-1995            Joanne H. Goss

1991-1994            H. J. Wilkinson

1990-1991            D. C. Andrews

1988-1990            C. H. Laberge

1986-1988            William G. Geddes

1985-1986             Norman A. Richards

1984-1985            W. John C. Stikeman

1981-1984             Joseph W. Myers

1981-1981             B. V. Orsini

1979-1981             P. B. Walters, C.Arb

1977-1979             W. E. Hickey

1975-1976             J. T. Fisher

1974-1975             L. J. McGowan

Executive Directors

2014-present     Janet McKay

2006-2013         MaryAnne Harnick

2002-2006        Judy Ballantyne

1999-2001          Jim Pealow

1996-1998          Robert Nelson

1992-1995          F.G. (Jerry) Fox

1988-1991          Len Weldon

1981-1988          Jack Tuck

1979-1981          W.E. (Bill) Hickey

1974-1979          L. J. McGowan

Current Board: